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  • Gianni Spradley

My Love For Monsieur Joseph (Trader Joe's)

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Packed with unique and fabulous foods, Trader Joe's is my JAM. I'm there damn near two times a week and the managers know me by name (I'm so lame.)

Whenever you need something special, Trader Joe's should be your "go to" if you have one near your home. As someone who is plant based, I find a LOT of great alternatives to indulge in and the food is VERY tasty.

Trader Joe's is whimsical. Whenever I visit my local store, I feel like I'm truly in my happy place. My spirits are lifted, and I feel like my dollar spent is appreciated.

The grocery store chain has such a broad appeal, from health conscious to penny pinching. The store has cultivated its customer base with low prices, unique offerings and charming store features.

I normally visit Trader Joe's about 2 times a week.

I'm a HUGE proponent on customer service, and my local Trader Joe's is "about that life." Everyone is so helpful and are so chill! Putting on my marketing hat here, I feel like their secret sauce is their operations model, as their product displays have no barrier. Everything is exposed for you to touch, feel (and taste!)

Trader Joe’s has a cult-like following from customers because of how they invest heavily in customer experience. Trader Joe’s is meant to be more than a trip to the grocery store, but an experience. I belong to Black Girls In Trader Joe's (BGITJ,) which is a Facebook and Instagram group strictly dedicated to how we love the products in the store. I always get some great recommendations from the ladies in the group and they keep me abreast on the new products that hit the shelves (i.e. Trader Joe's Maple Butter.) I kid you not, one of the members of my #BJITJ's group wanted one of us to see if we could still purchase the maple butter and if so, she was prepared to Zelle us the cash. THAT'S how serious it is.

Oh and can we talk about the music they play? I was in the store one day and they were playing Big Pun "Still Not A Player" (remix) and I almost lost my mind in the freezer aisle (they turned the song off quickly as it was the un cut version.) I mean they play the JAMS, OK? Again- this goes back to me feeling free to roam in my happy place.

There are two areas Trader Joe’s can improve. One is their seasonal items. I mean REALLY Y'ALL?!? Some of the most popular items that are seasonal need to be permanent fixtures (i.e. Step Up To The Bar Snack Mix?!) I get that they want to be exclusive but DAMN! I don't have enough storage in my freezer/cabinets to keep stuff to ration out?! The second area for improvement I continue to hear about a lot is parking lots. Many Trader Joe’s locations are decades old, and their parking lots need to be redesigned for the traffic of modern life, but somehow customers (such as myself) keep going to them anyway.

If you have a love for Trader Joe's like me, comment below!

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