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Hello and Welcome To My World...

When I attended Clark Atlanta University in the late 90s, I knew I wanted to be my OWN boss; call the shots. Even as a young child, I ALWAYS hated being told what to do (my parents can certainly attest to this.) During my college years, I was afforded the opportunity to work with two HUGE party promotion companies: AG Entertainment and Cloud 9 Entertainment. Both CEOs had Atlanta POPPIN' with their parties/events. I knew then that I wanted to be "behind the scenes" making the magic happen but I had NO IDEA what that would entail and truth be told, I was too immature to put in the work toward this goal. So, I did what my friends did – I got a job in corporate America after I graduated.


With over 14 years of Corporate America experience, I've had the opportunity to work at LVMH, Goldman Sachs, and Ethicon just to name a few (your girl ain't no dummy.) While I worked at some major Fortune 500 companies, I still wasn't fulfilled. I felt like I was a square peg in a round hole; again, being told what to do vs exercising my creative muscle.... and I didn't have the guts to voice my emotions like the grown ass woman that I was. I remember one particular job I worked that I absolutely HATED and to be transparent, I sucked at it. My attitude reflected the leadership style of the company and it was not conducive to promote a healthy work environment. Something was brewing inside, and it was only a matter of time until it bubbled over...

In 2011, I was working for Goldman Sachs in NYC making a GREAT salary. Shopping at Neiman Marcus and Century 21 EVERY week (RIP Century 21), going to brunch every weekend with my friends – I was POPPIN'! But again, I wasn't fulfilled. Then as fate would have it, 4 months later, I was laid off. Shortly thereafter, a good friend of mine presented me with an opportunity to work as an entertainment publicist. 


Specifically, I would be working with a young, R&B singer fresh off the heels of a hot 100 Billboard song. This opportunity propelled me toward the woman I needed to become. A BOSS. I was able to bridge the gap between my corporate experience and work with some heavy hitters in the music industry. The entertainment industry was a wild ride; my experiences were truly character building as the job wasn't for the faint at heart. But I needed these experiences to become the woman I am today. Steadfast. Confidant. A woman of integrity. 

As I went through my entrepreneurial journey, I decided to create my own company, Fifteen East Media Group. I love being an entrepreneur! The creative freedom you have is priceless, however you definitely have to persevere because it's a rollercoaster ride; make sure you have your seatbelt on at all times. Also, I am a woman with a STRONG spiritual foundation; it took me some time to harness my strength and magic, but I'm here. Persistent and tenacious. 

The spirit of my maternal and paternal Grandfathers live within me; both were entrepreneurs back in the 70s and 80s. Black men with their own businesses during that time period? Talk about inspiration! My maternal Grandfather, Ronald East had his own janitorial business serving local bars and restaurants in central New Jersey and my paternal Grandfather, Lawrence Spradley, Sr. created and distributed pens, pencils, plastic flower pots and a host of other products at Spradley Plastics, which was located in the Bronx, NY. 


Unfortunately, I never had a chance to meet my paternal Grandfather as he died when I was 1 years old, but I feel his spirit (along with some of my other ancestors) around me when I work. Thankfully, my Father kept some of the items that Spradley Plastics sold and gifted me a plastic plant pot as a keepsake. This plastic pot is occupied with a plant (more about my plant obsession later,) and it sits on my desk to remind me of who I am everyday. 


A Goddess. The Light. A BOSS. 

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